I think it’s important to recognise, support and strengthen each other. My aim as an artist and educator is to connect and reflect with the wider community...


Drawing on nearly 20 years as a practicing performer, exhibiting visual artist, Indigenous Cultural experience and personal journeys, my interpretation of traditional stories and representation of Indigenous voices is of up most importance... 


Music and art is a spiritual and philosophical experience for me that I wish to share with others;  Indigenous Australian Art & Culture Workshops. Purposely designed to impart valuable knowledge, insights and appreciation for aboriginal people and their culture.


  • cultural art classes of different mediums.

  • bringing light to art and ritual. 

  • imparting a grammar as well as a vocabulary of visual signs.

  • embodying artistic and cultural knowledge.

  • embracing cultural differences.

  • social integration.

  • Proactive discussions and activities to enhance the participants' understanding of aboriginality and conciliation. 



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